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Online I do tarot and aura reading, spiritual coaching, astrology and numerology.


15 minutes free in March !

By appointment in Zug of Flüelen

In Flüelen (Switzerland) I work by appointment and offer tarot and aura readings, reiki, cacao ceremonies, hot stone and gemstone therapy, spiritual cleansing, spiritual healing, spiritual coaching, astrology and numerology.

Giselle Spiritual

I am Giselle and I have a special gift that allows me to see more than you can perceive with the naked eye. About things in the past, the present and the future.

People tell me all the time how valuable my insights are and how it helps them make the right choices in their lives.

I lay your tarot cards, do readings, aura readings, practice Reiki, Yoga and spiritual coaching.

I’m certified Yoga instructor and a life coach in training.

I work online or by appointment in:

Flüelen (near Lucerne, Zug, Schwyz, Altdorf, Zurich in Switzerland).

For more information and to see when I am available where for tarot, readings and Reiki please visit my booking page.



+41 76 513 00 33
+32 456 01 85 30

Amazing experience

A beautiful lady with spiritual side at it its best, she wants to help people with her experience over the years. I had an amazing session of 2 hours of taror cards reading along with Reiki and Stone therapy. Cards spoke the truth and the story built has been exactly matching to the events happening in my life. Wonderful exerience and a must visit to remove your negativities.

Love her and her tarot cards

Nice lady with her powerful tarot cards ! It’s fantastic to meet her !

Mandy Vans

Giselle spiritueel is Prefect

Very sweet honest and beautiful girl , also the powerful talent for the cards reading, what she telling are all come true !

Eva Seru

Session Tuesday 29th of November 2022

Warm welcoming as always. Nice session. Love the new tarot cards.

Sven Vandenbrande

Giselle Spiritual

Heb gisteren een Tarotkaarten met lezing gedaan bij een super Medium. Mocht vrij nog vragen stellen.Maar de kaarten die ik trok gaven voldoende antwoorden zodat dit niet echt nodig was.Ga ik nog doen.was super en dit bij volle maan

Erwin Buelens

About Giselle

I am Giselle and born with a special gift to see more of what you can perceive with the naked eye.

This has become stronger and stronger over the years.

People keep telling me how valuable they find my insights and how it helps them to make the right choices in life.

It also gives them peace of mind to know more about the future.

I can see the depth in events, from the past in the now and in the future.

Besides tarot cards I am very experienced in readings, Aura readings and Reiki.

I have gained experience in Europe, but also especially in Asia, which has made me very competent on a spiritual level.


Cocoa ceremony

This session is a luxurious and elaborate total cocoa ceremony. It can be done alone, with your partner of with friends.

Up to 3 people.

During this unique and luxurious session I use the beneficial effect of cocoa for a healing meditation, breath work, singing, music and other ceremonial elements…

Tarot cards

I like to use the Tarot cards as a tool to see what is coming.

This in combination with birthdates, names and specific questions or points in your life where you need to choose a certain path, make a decision or want to follow a certain path…


    Readings and aura readings

    I use specific questions and my gift to get in touch with your soul and look in depth at what is not visible to yourself.

    In this way I can help you answer questions about yourself, better understand events in your life, make decisions and protect yourself from negativity or things that come at you that you need to watch out for…


    Reiki means universal (Rei) life energy (Ki) and a natural way of healing where life energy is passed on, which was rediscovered in Japan by Japanese doctor Mikao Usui.
    Reiki is a natural way of healing whereby life energy is passed on, usually during a table treatment where a laying on of hands is used…

    Spiritual cleansing

    Clean your body of all negative energies.

    Have you ever been so happy but someone (or something) completely stomped your good mood into the mud? That person or situation likely attached its negative energy to your Aura! It’s so important to protect yourself from bad energy that lowers your vibration & throws off your goals & dreams!

    I will clean your soul and aura of all negative energies…

      Luxury packages

      These are composite packages from tarot, reiki and gemstone treatment that offer you a luxurious experience….